Order Resale Certificate

Online Payment Instructions

There are several key pieces of information you will need when completing the electronic form, in addition to your credit card or bank information. Please review the following instructions and remember not to enter any dashes in the form, including when you type your account number.


Management Company ID #: 3025
Association ID #: 000LSR
Association Name: Limestone Ranch
Management Company Name: Wildwood Management Company
Account Number:

This can be found on your coupon. Type in the entire number with no dashes. If you enter dashes, the system will reject your payment. If you need help with your account number, contact Wildwood Management at 210-732-0000.

After making your payment, you will receive two e-mails. The first will arrive immediately, confirming your information has been received. The second typically arrives within 24 hours, advising your payment was processed.  If you encounter any errors, please contact Wildwood Management Group at 210-732-0000.